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Leadership development
and change processes

At Genesi, we are very aware that striving for greater efficiency, goal management, globalisation, individualisation and competition create the need for continuous changes, putting great pressure on both individuals and the organisation. We therefore look closely at how managers work with the existing organisational culture and help to create meaningful new patterns and actions among employees in order to anchor the desired changes.

Do you dare to face
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change processes

What we work with

Much of our work is founded on an in-depth cultural understanding, national factors and the market conditions the organisation exists under. We have a broad business understanding and can work from both a business perspective and a culture and relationship perspective.

What we believe in

We work based on the understanding that employees’ specific perceptions and values are based on being part of a group. The group relationships formulate particular perceptions of ‘reality’ and thus determine ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Leaders’ aspirations towards common goals and strategies are a necessity, but also difficult to get support for, because employees are constantly changing in response to the organisational structure, each other and their leaders.

Focus on
cooperation in
the organisation

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