Business partners

Clavis Erhvervspsykologi

Clavis Erhvervspsykologi is a consultancy firm that works with the development of individual and collective competencies in companies and organisations. Their consultants have strong psychological and organisational expertise, which they apply to the development of their clients.

Clavis offers development processes and courses that support managers and employees in creating clarity, meaningful tasks and good collaborative relationships – the key to any company’s growth.

MVR Consult

Jytte Rabæk Schmidt, owner of MVR Consult, works with company strategy and development at board and management level in a range of Danish companies. She has extensive management and project management experience, and, in terms of academic background, she has studied process management and coaching, is a certified project manager and has completed a professional advisory board course at Aarhus University. She also has a business college diploma and a diploma of education. Her particular strengths are to create a ‘process space’, and to link theory and practice so as to create direct development for the client in both th