About Genesi

Genesi has existed since 2001 and contributes to the development of organisations, both in Denmark and abroad. Our work is based on a solid theoretical foundation and extensive experience. The practical and theoretical foundation creates unique results, because it provides the courage to challenge the organisation’s culture, structure and leadership, while taking into account the dynamic market conditions the organisation operates within. We have extensive experience working in organisations where different nationalities create fruitful synergies but also clash against each other’s perceptions of power distances and trust, and where language barriers are part of daily working life.

Thomas Asmussen owns Genesi and works closely with skilled consultants and consultancy firms. This means that Genesi can handle consultancy tasks of varying sizes.

Thomas Asmussen

My special expertise and working with clients
I have a broad understanding both of business and the complex life of organisations. My consultancy work often emerges from an initial culture analysis that examines the perceptions of the employees and leaders, the social life and ways of acting and collaborating. Against this background, I typically work with leadership development, the work and cooperation of management teams and strategy and change processes. I dare to ask the tough questions and challenge the sacred cows! I make sure to bring out my clients’ best development and managerial skills.

Academic background

  • Sociologist from Aalborg University, with a focus on HR, organisation and sustainability.
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Systemic Consultancy Course from DISPUK
  • Diploma of Education from the Danish Institute for Educational Training of Vocational Teachers (DEL)
  • Agricultural technician and farmer

MPI leader test, DISCover profile, Belbin’s team role profile and SPQ*GOLD test

Leisure activities
When I am not working, I spend time with my family and good friends. My special interests include running, hiking, skiing, kayaking and fishing, which I spend as much time doing as I can.

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